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Celebrate New Year's day Let the dream fly

Home school hand in hand,Plan for growth——Gaozhou county 22019In high level 2 parents...05-02
The school nurtures the plum hand in hand,Concentric 勠 force to build the future12-31
The successful completion of the gaozhou county second middle school province teaching hall“Student physique healthy standard test...11-20
Forty vicissitudes feeling remains Plum teacher love hand in hand09-10
Notice about adjust our school freshman military training time08-23
2018In gaozhou county second middle school experimental school affiliated to recruit teachers08-16
2018In gaozhou county second middle school affiliated experimental school recruit temporary hires a public announcement08-03
2018Freshman year registration process07-19
Gaozhou county2014Year the university entrance exam for the third time the reference appendix seminar held in our school05-08
Our city2014Second year college entrance examination test workshop04-02
Maoming electric white one leadership to guide work in our school10-14
Wengyuen middle school administrative leadership visit to our school work09-24
Guangdong new college entrance examination“3+1+2”Solution Will choose a physics and history12-20
Comprehensively deepen curriculum reform to strengthen the socialist core values education05-18
The college entrance examination“Thin body”Reform the sincerity05-16
The ministry of education:Real change and ensure that radical change is to deepen the rectification task to implement05-10
The ministry of education on comprehensively deepening the curriculum reform Implementation of khalid ents basic task...04-25
The promised changes to carry out the education practice to the action04-20
Promote education concept and teaching pattern profound changes04-17
Measures for the management of Internet electronic mail services04-14
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The headmaster and the party branch secretary:Yellow light

Educational administration announcement notice
·2 the staff call201909
·The teacher in charge the phone201909
·Tuition payment guide_China construction bank
·2018-2019The first school year2The term to pay...
·2018In gaozhou county second middle school is attached to these experiments...
·2017-2018Academic year in the second semester of learning...
·About plans through state-level demonstration senior...
·The teacher(2014Years(Contain)Since the formal call...
The campus video
 Gaozhou county 2 application scheme of visual language standardization...
 Gaozhou county 2110Anniversary invitation letter
 Brilliant gaozhou county second middle school
 Gaozhou county 2“Clean and honest culture into the school”The scheme of gen...
 Gaozhou county 2 feature documentary video education work
 Gaozhou county 2 created in guangdong province“Scholarly campus”Activities...
 Gaozhou county 22011In poor day activities...
 Gaozhou county second middle school fire safety scheme of video...
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