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Solids control equipment
Vibrating screen
Sand pump
In addition to sand cleaner
In addition to the mud cleaner
The amphibious vehicle
Beach spiral drill
Amphibious vehicle
Marine crane
Marine crane
The yacht crane
Dongying turbine machinery manufacturing co., LTD belongs to Yu Dongying turbine group
,Is a petroleum machinery、Specializing in the production of hydraulic machinery and engineering machinery manufacturers。The company is located in dongying city of shandong province industrial park victory,Covers an area of 2
Million square meters,Plant and office building area of nine thousand square meters,Solid
Fixed asset three thousand ten thousand yuan。The existing staff100Many people,Advanced engineering technology
Operation personnel21Name,Senior engineer1Name,Engineer9Name,Its
It technical personnel11Name。Companies firmly believe that“Science and technology is the first productive force
”,Widespread adoption of advanced technology,Attaches great importance to the talent,Bold innovation,Have strong ability of product independent design and manufacturing,Is the excellent private enterprises in dongying。
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