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Jianhu county as far as special material co., LTD,Ceramic composite tube,Wear-resisting pipe,Wear-resisting bend    Jianhu county as far as special material co., LTD. The main products are various specificationsWear-resisting bendWear-resisting pipe、Heat resistant ceramic straight pipe、Pipe bending、Tee, etc。Mainly divided into:A、Is to use“SHS”Since the spread of centrifugationCeramic composite tube(Steel layer、The transition layer、Corundum ceramic layer);2、Based on 3 oxidation 2 aluminium as the main raw material,By the1800Degrees of high temperature roasting special corundum ceramic chip,Paste on the steel body。
    All kinds of wear-resisting、Heat resistant、Special rare earth alloy steel straight pipe bending and high-energy ion permeability injection tungsten carbide wear-resistant material winding、At present,The products are widely used in thermal power、Iron and steel、Coal、Chemical industry、Mine、Cement、Worn metallurgy etc...

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Jianhu county as far as special material co., LTD The phone:0515-86305188 Fax:0515-86305558 Address:Jiangsu yancheng jianhu celebration of xinfeng water willow road The main production:Ceramic composite tube|Wear-resisting pipe|Wear-resisting bend

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