The west of hunan(Zhangjiajie)China international travel service——Border tourism——Only do real quality pure play travel!!!About usCustomer service centerMethod of paymentToday is:
The tianmen mountain
The grand canyon
Border tourism——“Four big advantage”
 More free time
Sleep to nature to wake,Hi casually!
Circle of friends to
  Cheaper more affordable
We have our own hotel,His car,Your tour guide
Of course cheaper more affordable!
 XiaoBaoTuan meal
2People also can form a smooth dough,Personalization route
Enjoy five-star——The housekeeper type treatment
 A safe and more worry
The company can sign the contract face to face,Buy insurance,360- degree
The housekeeper type service,On-call!
What we can do for you?
Choose us,You decide to travel,According to your requirements,Carefully customized lines,Western brigade to ensure implementation!
Your local traditional travel agencies...  Choose us... 
The trip typically contains3-4The shopping store
Been forced to add meal,Invisible consumption
Make strangers with each other,Dozens of people together into a big ball
After arriving at the destination to other travel agency operation
All kinds of road travel,In a hurry,Scenic spots
  Travel easily,Not into any shopping store
Cost transparency,Marketing resources to ensure quality
Family outings、Friends、The company travel——All XiaoBaoTuan separately
CITS proprietary,One-on-one customer service the entire operation,Considerate care
Free customization,Provide personalized travel itinerary
  • Real freedom

  • If not satisfied,Replay

  • Zero to worry about,Say go you go

  • Butler service,The whole company

Border tourism——“Package is recommended”
Border tourism With Tourists
Zhangjiajie free line——Border tour for you Tailor Belong to your own travel
State tourism hotline:+86 744 8886600   /   +86 17374407606
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Follow one's inclinations
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100%Satisfied with it
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