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 Qaidam goji berries Qaidam Goji Berry
 Qinghai specialty Qinghai Specialty
    Make ha jia xin development co., LTD., established in agricultural products2013Years9Month,Mainly engaged in Chinese wolfberry cultivation、Processing、And export sales。2014In my company receivedISO9001Quality management system certification and the Chinese wolfberry dried fruit export license,2015In qinghai province forestry industrialization key leading enterprise title,2019Years3Month is evaluated, the industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises......
Chaidamu wild black Chinese wolfberry  
, her village was selected“The second China beautiful countryside
Dragon festival kicked off Make the black Chinese wolfberry
Jingdong poverty museum opened in qinghai plateau black Chinese wolfberry
The construction of the black Chinese wolfberry brand
The black Chinese wolfberry industry development prospects
Dynamic company
2017Years6Month2My company to Taiwan food fair 2019-07-29
2019Years2Organic food in my company to participate in nuremberg, Germany 2019-07-29
2018Years4In my company to participate in the Malaysian halal food 2019-07-29
2018Years8In Vietnam customers inspect my company medlar base 2019-07-29
My company to attend2019Years5In Canton fair 2019-07-26
2018Years10My company to attend the Canton fair 2019-07-26
Chinese wolfberry news
Green“Dye”Qinghai province in the future-Qinghai medlar 2019-09-19
Golmud in qinghai green ecological wolfberry industry achieve scale development 2019-09-18
Will be included in the organic product certification directory qinghai medlar 2019-09-18
See how golmud in qinghai Chinese wolfberry industry quality efficiency from chase yield 2019-09-12
Walk into“Salt Lake City in China”Golmud:Qinghai medlar red 2019-09-12
Qinghai geermu meteorological bureau to carry out the Chinese wolfberry NongQing investigation 2019-09-12
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