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  • Send wooden door
  • Chuzhou sent door industry co., LTD., established in2009Years,The registered capital1008Ten thousand yuan,Is located in wu ching-tzu hometown--China.Quanjiao economic development zone Yang Qiao garden,Is quanjiao county people's government investment enterprises,Marketing center is located in nanjing pukou PuFeng road5Number;Since its establishment,Always insist in research and development and production in the field of green wood,Products won several national patents,Green wood products now have real wood door、Waterproof bamboo and wood door、Wood plastic door, etc,And new whole house customization project;Company and the products have been awarded“China famous brand”、“China...
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    Anhui quanjiao economic development zone Yang Qiao garden
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    Nanjing pukou PuFeng road5Number
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